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Version 20.2.1 Features

System Requirements

Windward Designer
  • Windows
  • Office
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

Template editing in local Dropbox repository

Now supported

Template editing in local OneDrive

Now supported

PowerPoint Master Pages support

Can now insert Fluent tags into Master Pages

Designer data source connection update at runtime

Allows for easier testing of JSON and XML web service endpoints within designer when need to change the parameters while testing different scenarios.

HTML output support for imported images

Base64 encoded images are totally blocked by Outlook and most webmail services like gmail. The image uri can now be specified in the html output

Automatic release of engine license on shutdown

On engine shutdown, the engines using subscription licenses will automatically call the license server to unregister the server as a licensed machine. This is meant to better support automatic failover scenarios.

Sort Tables by specific fields

Now supported

RESTful engine connection to Salesforce support for TLS 1.3

.NET and RESTful engines now support TLS 1.3 connections

Selection of themes for individual slides in PowerPoint

Can now override Presentation theme per slide