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This page does NOT provide software license keys or free trials, it only provides software downloads for those who already have the necessary keys to use the software. If you’d like to receive a free trial of our software, or need additional keys, you can check out our free trial page or contact us today.

To install or update your Software

  • Click on the appropriate installer link.
  • When your browser asks you to "save" or "run", select the "run" option for Designer and Engine. For Manager select the "save" option and follow the instructions of the deployment documentation for Docker or Kubernetes.
  • See License Agreement

Release Notes

Looking for a feature or fix? Visit our Support Guide page to find all available release notes.

Version 24

Latest Releases - 24x

Manager 24.1.0


Java Engine:

.NET Engine:

RESTful Engine:

Legacy .NET RESTful Engine: Java RESTful engine, now just know as the RESTful engine, is the recommended version going forward.~

NOTE: it's highly recommended that you update both Engine, Designer and Manager at the same time to assure compatibility of the components.

Download Designer Installer

Designer Installer - (EXE)

Download Manager Deployment Scripts

What's Manager?

Manager Docker Deployment Script

Manager Kubernetes Helm Chart


Not sure which engine is right for you? Check out the differences here

.NET Reporting Engine Downloads

  • Requires the .NET Framework 4.8

NuGet Package (Recommended)

.NET Engine - (ZIP)

Java Reporting Engine Downloads

  • Requires JRE 1.8

Maven Install Information (Recommended)

Java Engine - (ZIP file - any O/S)

RESTful Reporting Engine (Java) Downloads

  • Requires JDK 17 and Apache Tomcat 10.1

Container Image Install Information (Recommended)

Java RESTful Engine - (ZIP)

Legacy RESTful Reporting Engine (.NET) Downloads

  • Requires the .NET Framework 4.8
  • The Java RESTful engine, now just know as the RESTful engine, is the recommended version going forward. The Java version contains all the same functionality as the .NET version and more. The Java version is more performant. It will also run in environments that support Apache Tomcat including Windows and Linux.

RESTful Engine - (ZIP) —(requires IIS)

More Information


Various Fluent products may require additional installations. Check the full list on our drivers page.

Previous Versions

Please click here to visit our archive for previous and unsupported versions of Fluent. This archive links to previous Fluent product versions, Support Releases for each version and Release Notes for each version.