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PRO Licensing and CPU Cores

How Do I Determine the Number of Cores in My Computer?

Pro licensed engines are limited to the number of servers and cores in those servers. Modern computers have multi-core processors containing two or more independent processing units called cores. Through a technique called hyper-threading, physical cores appear to be multiple logical processors or virtual cores to the operating system.

Flex licensed engines are unlimited on the number of servers and cores since they are limited by number of pages. Flex licensed engines are meant to be used in auto scaled and auto managed environments.

Determining the Number of Cores for Windows

Method 1: Using ms32info.exe

Use the key combination Windows Key + R to start the Run dialog, then type "msinfo32.exe".


On the System Information dialog, look for "Logical Processor(s)".


Method 2: Using Task Manager

Right click on the Windows Taskbar and select "Task Manager".


In the Task Manager window select the "Performance" tab, then click on "CPU".


Determining the Number of Cores for Linux

At a command prompt, type the command "lscpu". The "CPU(s)" line of the command's output indicates the number of cores.