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Manage Subscriptions

Once you have a subscription, you can change a variety of things about it from th subscriptions tab in store.

PRO Subscription: img

  1. You can rename your subscription in this textbox.
  2. If needed you can change the kind of Pricing plan you have selected.
  3. Allows you to increase or decrease the number of engines under this subscription.
  4. Allows you to increase or decrease the number of designers under this subscription.
  5. On PRO Subscriptions only you can flush the engines your keys are being used on using this button.
  6. If changes were made use the update button to save those changes. This could change your monthly bill if pricing plan, number of engines, or number of machines were changed.
  7. This allows you to end your Fluent subscription after the current billing cycle ends.

Flex Subscription: img

Flex has many of the same fields, the differences being:

  1. You control max overages amount rather than number of engines.
  2. Provides a pages used count.
  3. Shows your plan's total allowed pages.
  4. Shows Max overages limit currently applied to your subscription.
  5. Displays totaloverages acrued towards your monthly maximum.
  6. shows your plan's overage charge per page.