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Sending a Test Template Using Sample Data


If you have trouble with a Template that you would like Fluent Support Staff to troubleshoot, please send us a simplified version to test. Sending us a simple Template can help us resolve your problem quickly.

How to Simplify Your Test Template

Try the following in a copy of your original Template:

  • Delete all pages and Tags except for the ones that you know are causing trouble.
  • Highlight or otherwise mark the Tag(s) you think are causing trouble so we can quickly locate them. Use simple things like Bold, Underline, text color, and highlighting.

What About Data Sources?

If you are using a data source that we can't access (like a SQL server, or a data source that has private data that you cannot share), try the following:

  • Send us a version of your data source using test data. Don't forget to include login credentials if those are needed.
  • Use one of Windward's public data sources to reveal the problem. Here is a list of data sources to use - our public data source credentials are listed in the articles per data source.
  • In each of your Tags, select approximate data from our public data source that replace your organization's data

Tell Us Which Product Versions You're Using

We will test the template in the version of Report Designer and the version of the Report Engine with which you are experiencing trouble.

  • We will compare the results with tests that we run in our most up-to-date versions, or in the version in which you are specifically experiencing trouble.
  • In some cases we may suggest that you upgrade to a newer version.

Unsupported Versions

We do not support these product versions.