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Version 21.3.0 Features

System Requirements

Windward Designer
  • Windows
  • Office
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

Tag Out an Excel Template with Merged Columns and Dynamic Rows / Columns

Designer users can add tags to merged columns in Excel and still be able to achieve dynamic rows and columns in their spreadsheet.

Word Template Table of Contents Appears in Navigation Pane for PDF Output

Designer users can view their table of contents that was present in Word when looking at their PDF output in the navigation pane.

Conditional Formatting of Cell color carries over when Outputting to Excel from an Excel Template

Ability to Use External Storage Repository for Java RESTful Engine

Instead of storing the state of the template and documents on disk with the engine, you can now store elsewhere based on the logic you provide.

.NET RESTful engine now allows custom code to run after template processing

If you need to do some action on a document prior to allowing it to be returned by the RESTful engine you can now do so.

Removed reliance on open source library ScintillaNET