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Version 21.5.0 Features

System Requirements

Windward Designer
  • Windows
  • Office
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later

PowerPoint Templates - Allow Different Charts to be shown when associated with a for-each tag for each row of data

Previously every Chart rendered per row of a for-each tag would overlay the previous row's Chart. Now each subsequent Chart is positioned separately from the previous Chart by taking into account the previous row heights to determine placement of the current row's Chart.

Fluent Engines - Datasets no longer are required to be passed to the Engines when processing

Datasets are an easier way to deal with large data sources within the Designer while defining Templates. A Dataset is basically a view/query of the data in the data source that you can define in the Template. In previous versions, if a Template was defined against a Dataset, the client code would need to pass in that same Dataset (query) when processing a Template. With this new enhancement, if the Dataset is not passed into the engine when processing a Template, the engine will instead use the Dataset (query) as defined in the Template.

Fluent Engines - HTTP/S requests retry on failure

In previous versions if the Engine made a call over HTTP/S and the call failed for some reason the Engine code would fail. Now, the engine code will retry 10 times using a back-off/retry algorithm to make the HTTP/S call before failing. This solves the issue of Transient connection issues with severs and their services that Templates have been defined against.

Fluent Designer (fka Autotag) - Allow indication of boolean or string comparison when JSON value is "true" or "false" in the JSON Wizard filters

Fluent Designer (fka Autotag) - JSON Wizard gives correct select for unnamed arrays at the root

Return Error object when trying to get document that failed due to error when using .NET RESTful engine More information is now available to diagnose what the problem may be

Fluent Engines - Upgrade to JSOUP java library newest version 1.14.3

JSOUP is an open source library used to parse HTML. Fluent has been upgraded to use the latest version of this library.