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Release notes - Fluent Engine, Designer and Manager - 24.0.0


You can access the download to this release here

New Functionality Development

WATE-8486 Support vertical merge with foreaches

WATE-8619 PDF/A is a distinct output type in Java Engine

WATE-8620 PDF/A is a distinct output type in .NET Engine

WATE-8621 PDF/A is a distinct output type in Java RESTful Engine

WATE-8671 New Feature Notification Dialogue

WATE-8736 Rebrand installer filenames

WATE-8737 Rebrand NuGet package

WATE-8738 Rebrand Maven package

WATE-8781 TP Column Expansion: Cells after column

WATE-8782 TP Column Expansion: Cells before and after column

WATE-8783 TP Column Expansion: Misaligned foreach/end-foreach tags

WATE-8784 TP Column Expansion: Jagged Tables

WATE-8785 TP Column Expansion: Invalid cases

WATE-8831 Write templates from restricted source to temp file for output

WATE-8899 HD#56558 - IFError can now be used to fallback to a default path on an import tag if the first file is not found

WATE-8918 PDF/UA - Distinct output type in Java RESTful Engine

WATE-8919 PDF/UA - Distinct output type in Java Engine

WATE-8920 PDF/UA - Distinct output type in .NET Engine

WATE-8928 TP2 Column Expansion: Multiple column expand foreach tags in same table

WATE-8941 TP2 Column Foreach Cell/Para Formatting On Expansion For Padded Cells

WATE-8992 Error bars in column charts

WATE-9011 Substitute Base 14 Type 1 Fonts with True Type Fonts for PDF/A or PDF/UA output

DTM-5547 Support importing composition templates

DTM-5548 Support updating composition templates in designer

DTM-5549 Support exporting composition templates

DTM-5550 Support promoting composition templates

DTM-5554 Add notification about unknown resources for the user

DTM-5831 Make Direction(Hard/Soft) column in dependencies table more obvious

DTM-5941 Handle local/unnamed data sources on FE

DTM-5948 Support encrypted data sources

DTM-5957 Support deploy to several stages

DTM-5972 Implement the possibility of multiple deletion of templates

DTM-6001 Allow configuring SSO via metadata file

DTM-6030 Add license error motto

DTM-6039 Add ability to enter connection string password on Preview

DTM-6057 Support implementing Single Sign Out

DTM-6077 Add dependencies tab for templates

DTM-6082 Add dialog for uploading SSO configuration

DTM-6089 Notify the user when importing a template with import tags referring to URL

DTM-6099 Support for template preview during import/update dependency resolution

DTM-6111 Add option to enable/disable IDP synchronization for separate SSO registration

DTM-6118 Multiple import for composition templates

DTM-6119 Support external dependencies on template import

DTM-6126 Add a notification on exporting the template about the requirement for Fluent add-in

DTM-6127 Update the “view in designer” notification about fluent add-in requirements

DTM-6144 Show the user which dependent templates will be promoted

DTM-6179 Improve UI to upload new version for composition

DTM-6187 Add ability to select stage and version on Preview

DTM-6235 Handle composition + duplicate on multiple import

DTM-6259 Support preview during template deploy

Customer Reported Defect

WATE-8200 Tag Processor 2 ForEach Column Expansion Exceptions

WATE-8217 HD#49620 - Tag Processor 2 output results in IndexOutOfBoundsException

WATE-8562 HD#56185-Problem with custom function from C# library

WATE-8578 HD#58227-POST Java RESTful engine input validation and response codes

WATE-8585 HD#58400 - Using the Equation Wizard for IFERROR\ results in a bogus message

WATE-8586 HD#58402 - Tag Processor 2 output is resulting in TagException

WATE-8594 HD#58600 - Table layout issue

WATE-8596 HD#58485 - Tag Processor 1 output results in TagException

WATE-8597 HD#54068 -Chart Legend off on .PDF output

WATE-8606 HD#58810 - Tag Processor 2 output results in NullReferenceException

WATE-8608 HD#58816 - Tag Processor 1 PDF output has incorrect page numbering

WATE-8616 HD#56702 - Columns split when a header is inserted

WATE-8622 HD#58885 - Condition wizard error when editing existing conditions

WATE-8625 HD#57956 - Output to Printer with special font results in underline not matching content being underlined

WATE-8627 HD#58914-Wizard breaks Jpath when attempting to add additional filters

WATE-8633 HD#56676 - Attachment header position alignment issue

WATE-8636 HD#59121 - Windward generated .docx file cannot be saved from MS Word

WATE-8648 HD#56361-Security Vulnerabilities with version

WATE-8650 HD#59644 - Windward crashes on new blank template not saved

WATE-8657 HD#59131 - XML Data Source "Update connections" not working

WATE-8679 HD#59589 - page break not happening

WATE-8699 HD#60563 - Generating Tag Processor 2 output is resulting the vertically merged cells not being correct.

WATE-8707 HD#61013 - Tag Processor 2 output is resulting in NullReferenceException

WATE-8751 HD#61816 - PDF output results in NullReferenceException

WATE-8789 HD#62115 - "Bold / Underlined Text isn't formatted correctly in PDF Output"

WATE-8811 HD#62346 - Unknown error when generating

WATE-8812 HD#62707 - ForEach Tag - Switch Tag - Error

WATE-8814 Excel doesn't handle correctly html tags

WATE-8816 HD#62911 - Wizard causing dreaded Object not set to an instance error

WATE-8820 HD#62570 - Regression wrong page number footer page 3

WATE-8847 HD#63499-Subtemplate Colors Not Honored in DOCX Output

WATE-8867 HD#63935-Bug: Generated Document Header and Footer Issue

WATE-8895 HD#64792 - Issue on Image Size on Excel

WATE-8896 HD#48870 - Table border issue in .PDF

WATE-8901 Template and Resource Cache ing issues. Designer and Engine both throw exceptions

WATE-8911 CLONE - HD#56343 - DOCX output is not generating - copy fix from cloned issue

WATE-8913 CLONE - HD#63156 - Excel formula changes from template to output - copy fix from cloned issue

WATE-8924 HD#58600 - Unknown Variable when evaluating boolean statement TP2

WATE-8925 HD#65723 - Invalid chart combination results in bad error message

WATE-8935 HD#66305-Access to consumer mart and template for troubleshooting

WATE-8937 HD#66346-Master template throws null reference exception when TOC is empty

WATE-8943 HD#65853 - Template failed to generate when provided with larger payload.

WATE-8948 HD#64566 - Latest version of java engine created corrupted Powerpoint output

WATE-8962 HD#67587-Import tag in PowerPoint template throws an exception

WATE-8966 HD#67591 - Extra cells are appearing

WATE-8989 HD#68800 - Inserting a column is causing rows to disappear

WATE-8990 HD#67976-Using Error Bars in Combo Chart Results in NullReferenceException in some cases

WATE-9024 HD#70631 If tag not working when the condition is false

WATE-9026 HD#71118-TOC incorrect for total pages

Internally Reported Defect

WATE-8297 Break Property not working when order=row set in ForEach Tag

WATE-8687 Tag Processor 2 ForEach table row expand not copying last row

WATE-8688 Tag Processor 2 Column Expand copying rest of columns in table

WATE-8689 Tag Processor 2 Column Expand not copying last cell contents

WATE-8753 Watermarks position is shifted by content in footer

WATE-8754 Watermark on XLSX template has inconsistent positioning sheet to sheet

WATE-8760 Texts overlaps image in header

WATE-8761 Page Spacing Seems off

WATE-8762 Footer Text has wrong spacing

WATE-8823 Chart Tag causes some PDF/UA Compliance Issues

WATE-8829 Tables with header rows should have those rows marked as "TH" elements instead of "TR"

WATE-8849 Helvetica in header causes font embedding error

WATE-8850 Shapes don't have alt descriptions and have structure issues

WATE-8851 Certain charts create font and structure issues

WATE-8852 Specific textboxes create issues with the structure and missing alt text

WATE-8855 Homeowners policy has ghost structure/alt description issue

WATE-8856 Watermarked PDF/UA Output throws an error due to missing alt text on watermark / untagged content

WATE-8870 PDF/UA Link screen reader output sometimes breaks a single link element into multiple when Link tag is used

WATE-8871 PDF/UA Shapes missing Alt Text

WATE-8872 Handle "Mark as decorative" setting on images and shapes for PDF/UA output

WATE-8929 PDF/A missing fonts for "Bullet points" for MS office

WATE-8930 Header and footer Logo's are not being displayed properly

WATE-8931 PDF/A document failure with regards to VeraPDF check for PDF/A-3B

WATE-8934 Receive Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException when outputting Marsh template to PDF

WATE-8952 Total page count is incorrect when import tag adds multipage document

WATE-8960 ProcessReport.getTemplateMetrics is not thread safe

WATE-8963 Import Tag relative paths don't work when template is hosted online

WATE-8965 JavaRESTful Engine: Importing a cached resosurce child template fails

WATE-8967 Overlapping header in Sample Template

WATE-8968 Words Split into letter Spans in PDF/UA output structure

WATE-8969 PDF/UA List structure in sample template output incorrect

WATE-8999 Trial / No License PDF/UA output is invalid due to document security.

WATE-9018 Watermark fails on PDF/UA output due to not having alt text

WATE-9022 Links across line breaks appear as multiple links in PDF/UA

WATE-9030 WMF causing exception in Java Engine PDF output

WATE-9031 PDF/UA output is not ignoring headers

WATE-9086 Issue with the installer, there's no text/information in the End User License Agreement.

DTM-5565 User is redirected to main workspace after child workspace alias rename

DTM-5837 User cant update child workspace data

DTM-5983 Search in tables doesn't take timezone into account

DTM-5986 When no items are found pagination displays 1 of 0

DTM-6029 Custom sorting/filtering is reset when searching

DTM-6054 Split unnamed data sources by type during importing template

DTM-6063 Error when more options is clicked for an empty connection string

DTM-6100 Fix stages displaying for data sources dependencies

DTM-6102 Preview template dialog is sometimes not displayed

DTM-6117 Fix UI for deleting composition templates

DTM-6140 Improve extension limitation on composition import

DTM-6152 Child workspace can be deleted when users are logged in

DTM-6154 Dependencies with spaces aren't auto-resolved

DTM-6157 Instead of a one-time password, use reset link when updating the password by administrator

DTM-6166 Fix instances status issues

DTM-6171 Fix General settings permissions for Administrator

DTM-6178 Process unreachable dependencies support error showing

DTM-6194 Welcome dialog doesn't appear

DTM-6200 Stages in datasource dependencies table are not sorted

DTM-6213 Fix dependencies case sensitive sorting

DTM-6217 Fixed dependencies size limit for download

DTM-6236 Stages for a template version are lost when adding a data group to stage

DTM-6240 Redirect user to workspace after password reset

DTM-6247 Allow referencing templates from Manager from the Designer

DTM-6258 Users can preview any template by referencing it in the composition

DTM-6269 Show warning regarding unsupported resources