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Release notes - Fluent Engine, Designer and Manager - 23.4.0


You can access the download to this release here

New Functionality Development

DTM-3062 Add the ability to configure SSO in settings

DTM-3063 Add the ability to log in using SSO

DTM-4435 Add the possibility to delete a user

DTM-5213 Support multiple import

DTM-5525 Implement the ability to add data groups for promotion path stages

DTM-5632 Implement promotion path visualization

DTM-5677 Support online licenses

DTM-5730 Move primary navigation from left pane to header

DTM-5770 Add syntax mode for input parameters

DTM-5793 Allow motto at workspace level and globally

DTM-5828 Add the possibility to transfer Global Admin role to another user

DTM-5854 Implement template thumbnail caching

DTM-5870 Add a link to Manager documentation in header

DTM-5873 Add links to tutorial documentation for new users

DTM-5897 Allow filling the workspace with sample templates

DTM-5922 Implement a mechanism for notifications about the release of a new version for Manager

DTM-5950 Support licenses with "short key" format

WATE-8438 Out tags of type "BITMAP" have alternative text descriptions in PDF/UA output

WATE-8439 Images include their "Alt Text" in PDF/UA Output

WATE-8445 Refactor Table PDF Output to support PDF/UA

WATE-8446 Use Paragraphs instead of Spans in PDF/UA Output

WATE-8447 Use Lists instead of Spans for Bullets / Numbered lists in PDF/UA Output

WATE-8456 PDF/UA Metadata

WATE-8457 Charts have alternative descriptions on PDF/UA Output

WATE-8484 Support nested foreach mix of row and column expansion outside table

WATE-8485 Support nested foreach mix of row-block and column expansion

WATE-8488 Support multiple column expansion foreaches in same table

WATE-8492 PDF/UA Paragraph Backgrounds

WATE-8494 PDF/UA Hyperlinks

WATE-8515 Change PDF/UA checkbox to an Output type

WATE-8548 Chart Tags need Alternative Descriptions in PDF/UA Output

WATE-8618 Designer prominently shows PDF/A

WATE-8680 Add link to Manager getting started guide in Designer Manager integration dialgue

WATE-8683 Support nested foreach mix of row and column expansion inside table

WATE-8728 Don't show first time help dialogues

WATE-8729 Remove Hub Login From Licensing DLG

WATE-8752 Use red text in footer instead of water mark for dev/test licenses

WATE-8859 More detailed exception for missing alt texts for PDF/UA output

WATE-8860 PDF/UA output throws clear exception when using xlsx or pptx output

WATE-8861 set PDF/UA has run time property in .NET API

WATE-8863 Process tag variables in import tag and out tag bitmap alt text

Customer Reported Defect

WATE-8140 HD#47601 - Image not displaying at all when using tag processor 2.0

WATE-8248 HD#50155 - Tag Processor 2 output results in There is no table [0]

WATE-8335 HD#51475 - Tables with only header row and no body in PDF output

WATE-8337 HD#51390 - Extra empty row in PDF output

WATE-8348 HD#51410 - Cleanup wizard tag coloring/brackets incorrect

WATE-8352 HD#50900 - Error in data population after 23 lines

WATE-8411 HD#52998-ForEach properties Begin End and Step ignored when tag processor 2.0 is unchecked

WATE-8413 HD#52789-meta data REST endpoint returns 500 response with unknown GUID

WATE-8426 HD#54069 - Extra cells in Tag Processor 1 output

WATE-8433 HD#54978 - Missing Table Border and Overlapping text in PDF Output

WATE-8436 HD#54260 - ForEach Tag's break property not working when using Tag Processor 1

WATE-8442 HD#43601 - Excel output is resulting in NullReferenceException Tag Processor 2.0

WATE-8497 CLONE - HD#50564 - Set Tag value not evaluating correctly

WATE-8499 CLONE - HD#52920 - Text value being interpreted as date value

WATE-8506 HD#56029-RE: Apryse: Fluent Issue with Labels

WATE-8507 CLONE - HD#50457 - DOCX output is not generating

WATE-8508 CLONE - HD#56261 - Output to PDF results in exception

WATE-8512 HD#54405 - Checkbox Works in Word Format but not PDF

WATE-8516 HD#54068 - Words missing from .PDF

WATE-8531 HD#56928-Build SQL Schema not working in new version number2 issue

WATE-8547 HD#57028-Delete Jobs Setting

WATE-8587 HD#57306 - Tag Processor 1 output results in IndexOutOfBoundsException

WATE-8615 HD#58838 - Error generating PowerPoint template

WATE-8639 HD#59201 - Using pdf.PDF_A with value="on" results in an exception in .NET engine and Designer

WATE-8640 HD#58536-Unable to generate the connection from the JSON Data Source Window

WATE-8660 HD#59937-Engine doesn't produce watermarked results

WATE-8879 java.time.format.DateTimeParseException error received when trying to run PPTX Template

Internally Reported Defect

DTM-5475 Fix the problem with settings disappearing when the state of an option changes

DTM-5701 Improve loading data sources when trying to add/edit data groups

DTM-5767 Fix preview for OData data sources

DTM-5771 Fix the issue with security roles filtering when trying to create a new user

DTM-5781 Support multi-search by name for data sources

DTM-5792 There is no 'Workspace permissions' section in child workspace

DTM-5800 Avoid unexpected logouts after resetting another user's password

DTM-5815 Rendered date is incorrect for date input parameter

DTM-5835 User without attach/detach labels permission can attach labels

DTM-5849 Switch to form based authorization when updating a template from Manager

DTM-5865 Make table pages navigation consistent

DTM-5866 Side navigation gets collapsed/expanded unexpectedly

DTM-5878 Fix "Export Template" tooltip

DTM-5879 Make label chips not look clickable

DTM-5899 Template considered invalid during import

DTM-5900 Prohibit to import templates with local/unnamed data sources

DTM-5901 Replace uue license file with plain text

DTM-5902 Adapt password reset message to make it clear that the password will be reset only if the user exists

DTM-5903 Update tag line content

DTM-5926 Hide "Image optimization" setting

DTM-5945 Fix author line for new templates

DTM-5959 Optimize the size of the Manager backend Docker image

DTM-5962 Add support for multiple global administrators

DTM-6003 Make it so that the user on the Designer side does not have to enter credentials every time to open the template from Manager

DTM-6050 Fix the content of the tooltip for updating the template

WATE-8326 Title of Designer Installer still references Windward

WATE-8553 Cannot connect to sql schema file as a datasource

WATE-8563 Need to update CMD Output to say Fluent instead of Windward

WATE-8571 Need to remove the NO_LICENSE_KEY error when license key is removed from designer

WATE-8598 When Word launches with Designer installed, it still says Windward Designer

WATE-8600 Update License popup needs update from Windward to Fluent.

WATE-8602 Update PDF Output Builder to say Fluent instead of Windward

WATE-8613 Remove Licensing Restriction for Non-Enterprise Licenses

WATE-8637 If the user removes an existing key, it places {no license} in the field. Once {no license} is removed each time Designer is opened, no license is repopulated and has to be deleted again.

WATE-8666 Run on sentences in Screen Reader PDF/UA paragraph output

WATE-8720 Java RESTful throws error when multiple products are included in the license \

WATE-8788 When installing the WindwardDesktopInstaller.exe the "Windows protected you PC" popup is coming up again \

WATE-8825 When outputting to PDF/A the browser tab title says PDF/UA Report output.

WATE-8857 Header and Footer are visible in Screen Reader PDF/UA output and shouldn't be

WATE-8873 PDF/UA Error with Cell and Paragraph backgrounds