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Release notes - Fluent Engine, Designer and Manager - 23.2.0


You can access the download to this release here

New Functionality Development

WATE-7871 Specify what version number means in generated documents

WATE-8219 Designer Manager integration UX

WATE-8226 Enable ribbon when in read only mode

DTM-5321 - Import data sources when importing a template

DTM-5346 - Show report errors which occured during preview

DTM-5358 - Allow to pass data sources during preview

DTM-5359 - Support DataSource/ConnectionString management, e.g. adding and editing

DTM-5360 DTM-5437 - Handle permissions the same way it was done for Data Collections

DTM-5378 - Preview documents on different RESTful Engines to have fonts enabled

DTM-5385 - Unify data source name validation with the Engine

DTM-5479 - Improve WebDav synchronization

DTM-5436 - Allow to pass a license to the Manager

Customer Reported Defect

WATE-6552 HD#33361 - Floating section Design

WATE-7980 HD#33361 - Section spacing in Jupiter_v2.3.docx Deloitte

WATE-7981 HD#33361 - Text overlap with heading style in textbox

WATE-8047 HD#44621-Wrong button descriptions

WATE-8057 HD#44877-INDEXOF and LEFT Fluent functions wrong behavior

WATE-8063 HD#43584 - PDF format is not generated the same as Word format

WATE-8073 HD#44590 - X-axis label with custom set ticks is different in .PDF and DOCX

WATE-8084 HD#45061 - Java Server Shutdown

WATE-8117 HD#46525-Vertically Merged Cells starting inside Column Expand cause errors

WATE-8118 HD#46535-Excel template generates XLSX output but throws exception when output to PDF when horizonal cell merges occur

WATE-8120 HD#46637-Barcode only shows up on 1st of 4 records in a Stepping ForEach loop

WATE-8121 HD#46638-"when you buy 3 or more" banner should be against a black table cell color that doesn't show up in PDF output

WATE-8123 HD#46571-Microsoft Output Builder hits errors in Designer

WATE-8124 HD#46523-Bullets with skull

WATE-8125 HD#45953 - Errors rendering Pie Chart from Java Engine v22

WATE-8144 HD#47344 - Object not set to an instance Error when generating .DOCX

WATE-8151 HD#47898-Template output missing Header Image

WATE-8164 HD#47955-Powerpoint EndForEach tag DeleteRow=true not as expected with order property

WATE-8186 HD#48315 - Tags instead of values are displayed in the PDF output

WATE-8197 HD#47413 - Output is showing a blank page when it should have a heading and header

WATE-8212 HD#49172-Issue deserializing some document generation requests when template specified in base64

WATE-8250 HD#43914 - The process cannot access the file '***.pdf' because it is being used by another process. (OutputLimitationException)

WATE-8274 fluent_restful: PDF output issue with InvestmentFactSheet.docx template

Internally Reported Defect

DTM-4530 - Improve cleaning workspace action feedback in the UI

DTM-5120 - Hide clear button of Autocomplete when it is empty

DTM-5376 - Unable to delete child workspace containing labels

DTM-5478 - When uploading a new template version, data sources are not parsed

DTM-5442 - Make sure resource and template permissions are relevant to Fluent

DTM-5155 - Disable discard buttons when there are no changes

DTM-5430 - Adding permission to template breaks the Permissions page

DTM-5497 - Failed to attach a label to a Data source

DTM-5424 - Users without necessary permissions can access child workspaces via URL

DTM-5344 - Security role field saves search result

DTM-4230 - Empty table page is shown to the user when the last entry from the page was deleted