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Release notes - Fluent Engine, Designer and Manager - 23.3.0


You can access the download to this release here

New Functionality Development

WATE-7992 Support PDF/A-3b

WATE-8128 HD#46967-Scatter chart does not render correctly in PDF output.

WATE-8262 JSON data source should load the file with an initial web request then make no more web requests.

WATE-8267 Tag Processor 2 For Each Column Expansion

WATE-8395 Create property to differentiate expansion types in excel for formulas

WATE-8415 Update Fluent Agreement

WATE-8431 Use embedded fonts from docx templates in PDF Output

WATE-8437 Add a pdf.PDF\UA Report Property

WATE-8468 Upgrade the Designer to .net framework version 4.8

WATE-8469 Upgrade the .NET engine to .net framework version 4.8

WATE-8470 Upgrade the .NET RESTful engine to .net framework version 4.8

WATE-8474 Set document use embedded fonts in designer

WATE-8482 Supported nested foreaches of type row/legacy expansion

WATE-8483 Support nested foreach mix of row and block expansion

WATE-8523 Designer does not require a license key

WATE-8524 Use a real watermark in engine

DTM-4861 Add support for child workspaces

DTM-5524 Support data groups

DTM-5669 Support input parameters

DTM-5571 Implement the creation of a template from the Manager side

DTM-5612 As a user I want to promote / unpromote templates to any stage rather than to promote up / down

DTM-5664 Ability to remove data source

DTM-5387 Support dependencies between template and data sources

DTM-5464 Support SQL data sources on preview

DTM-5532 Support viewing permissions of predefined security roles

Customer Reported Defect

WATE-6543 HD#33361 - Main Header misaligned

WATE-6548 HD#33361 - Decorative Header not aligned

WATE-6596 Chart Data Points select returns null values in rows

WATE-7909 HD#39253: Hyphenator not being set correctly for HU locale

WATE-8182 HD#48231 - Output is resulting in exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array

WATE-8191 HD#48362-Windward template output performance using Word and Excel

WATE-8192 HD#48687-Problem with generating files Java Rest Engine when Datasource is big file

WATE-8199 HD#48828-\Windward-Samples\C# Samples\BasicWebApp\RunReportXML sample doesn't work

WATE-8205 HD#48995-PDF Output different between Designer and JavaRESTful engine

WATE-8221 HD#43584 - PDF format is not generated the same as Word format

WATE-8229 HD#48870 - Title text spacing and image size incorrect in PDF output

WATE-8235 HD#49566-Windward failed to print with "Import Tag" which containing path to a PDF

WATE-8244 HD#49883 - Text overflowing cells on pages 4 and 5

WATE-8245 HD#45953 - Legend colors for chart not rendering on .PDF

WATE-8246 HD#49268 - Attachments hyperlinks are not displaying as link in Published Windward Report

WATE-8247 HD#49266 - Importing child template style issues

WATE-8263 HD#48627-Windward Chart Format

WATE-8266 HD#49277 - In PPT Find and Replace with All\(Document\) results in exception

WATE-8269 HD#50262 - Extra line issue in .PDF output

WATE-8271 HD#49628 - HTML <p> line spacing is not consistent

WATE-8274 PDF output issue with InvestmentFactSheet.docx template

WATE-8283 HD#50849 - Excel output is resulting in NullReferenceException

WATE-8284 HD#51141-Windward-RESTful-V2-Python-Client-Sample hangs up and does not complete the POST

WATE-8321 HD#39287 - Invalid Select received when generating output

WATE-8412 HD#39072 - BOTH Out tag type not appearing

WATE-8429 HD#54084 - PDF output is resulting in NullReferenceException when table without borders is being processed

WATE-8449 HD#54710 - Header font is different in the output than the template

WATE-8450 HD#54713 - Part of the Header is missing in the output

WATE-8451 HD#54714 - Template footer layout is different than in the output

WATE-8459 HD#49277 - When using Find and Replace on all tags, Chart Tags not being affected in PPT

WATE-8460 HD#54255 - Data missing in PDF output

WATE-8461 HD#55032 - Error with itext license when customer's other code loads and itext license.

WATE-8463 HD#55131-Error when including endIf and endForeach in same cell

WATE-8466 CLONE - HD#51528 - Input Property not working with JSON strings that need to be parsed to a number

WATE-8471 HD#55074 - Photo inside template is not positioned correctly after export

WATE-8510 HD#54790 - Formatting misaligned with Windward output builder

WATE-8511 HD#54790 - Overlapping lines with Windward output builder

WATE-8525 HD#56750-Index out of range exception generating PDF Output when TOC has many levels and bookmarks.

Internally Reported Defect

WATE-8193 Table Header Row Shifts All Imported Picts in Row Cells down 40 twips in PPTX

WATE-8399 Java REST Memory Leak Causing Server To Crash

WATE-8481 Author Metadata on generated PDF files still shows Windward

WATE-8489 Unable to connect to OData Data Source from Java RESTful Engine

WATE-8490 Unable to connect to SalesForce data in Java RESTful engine

WATE-8530 HD#56928-Build SQL Schema not working in new version

DTM-3875 Add quick access to user password change modal from user list

DTM-3892 Add "Create another user" checkbox when creating new users

DTM-4257 Get rid of the "Do you want to save your changes?" confirmation when saving promotion path configuration

DTM-4479 Improve pagination capabilities when there are many pages

DTM-5001 Empty instance fields are not highlighted

DTM-5233 Field values truncated

DTM-5235 Sorting by Version does not work

DTM-5241 Changing values in General settings redirect to root workspace

DTM-5242 Empty Security role field is not highlighted

DTM-5282 Security roles dropdown doesnt show the matching roles after insert

DTM-5377 Wrong copy index with filtered table

DTM-5384 Support parsing for OData data sources

DTM-5452 Refactor radio group field

DTM-5480 Enable protection for exposed templates

DTM-5493 Select connection strings from the template as default strings during preview

DTM-5522 404 when adding role to template

DTM-5526 Allow to use data groups for template preview

DTM-5527 Show connected Data Groups in Data Source dependencies

DTM-5533 Show which data sources are used in the template

DTM-5539 Security role's dropdown scroll to the top at update

DTM-5558 Search result doesn't contain the search value for API instances table

DTM-5559 Add missing permissions for Administrator roles

DTM-5561 Performance improvements for RESTful Engine health checks

DTM-5562 Show data sources in template details

DTM-5564 It's impossible to switch to parent workspace after clearing workspace

DTM-5567 Add permissions for data groups

DTM-5568 When trying to preview a template with not reachable data source the Manager gets stuck

DTM-5581 Add tab with dependencies at a data source page

DTM-5592 When you roll back a template, the contents of the template do not change

DTM-5594 Fix sorting permissions for data sources

DTM-5607 View details of data group

DTM-5610 Fix theme

DTM-5636 As a user I want to go the Data Source page from Template's details page

DTM-5637 As a user I want the Save button to be disabled if there are no changes

DTM-5640 There should be no "Some API instances need attention." message when there is no actual issues with them

DTM-5649 As a user, I want the default DB passwords to be generated randomly

DTM-5687 Ability to remove data group

DTM-5688 Support data group dependencies on edit connection string

DTM-5693 Theme customization improvement

DTM-5696 Wrong data management tab selected when clearing search filter

DTM-5699 Improve "View connection string" permission on Data group add

DTM-5700 Improve "View connection string" permission on Data group general

DTM-5717 Adapt emails for Fluent

DTM-5751 Workspace cannot be cleared

DTM-5754 Show dependencies tab in data source details

DTM-5756 When copying a template, the copy is not deployed to RESTful Engines

DTM-5808 Implement template View button

DTM-5794 Enable view button if user has export permission